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Globaltravelmask.com is one of John Ribchester Consultancy’s (JRC) branded products. Other branded products of JRC are: Global Protection Mask, Global Travel Gloves and Global Travel Aid

JRC is a global trading and consultancy company. The company was founded over sixteen years ago. We trade and consult within the technical textile and integrated electronics industry. We have offices in the U.K. , The Netherlands and China.

The Global Travel Mask product was launched at the main European medical fair, Medica, in Germany in November 2015. To date we are providing protection in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Greece, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and China.

If you are interested in getting to know us better, or wish to discuss about becoming one of our distributors, please send an email to  info@globaltravelmask.com or call the office on +44 7802 250 905




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