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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size mask do I need?

    Please refer to the “Sizing guide” on the product page for full guidelines. Or click on the link below:

    Sizing guide

  • How long do the filters last?

    The Global mask filters can last 2-3 months longer than most conventional masks, dependent upon the environment and number of hours used. This makes the GTM a more cost effective option for the wearer. The antimicrobial treatment ensures additional protection for longer usage than conventional masks.

  • When do I need to replace the filters?

    Filters need to be replaced when breathing becomes more difficult or if you have been in a known contaminated area. It’s always better to change the filter if in doubt. 

  • What happens if the mask becomes wet?

    Remove the mask and air dry. Not on a direct heat source like a radiator!! The physical strength of the filter reduces significantly when wet so extra care must be taken.

  • Can I wash the mask if it becomes dirty?

    Yes, but first you must remove the filtration system and valves . Hand wash the outer carrier in a small quantity of your normal washing liquid / powder (more diluted than normal) . Air dry your mask NOT ON A DIRECT HEAT SOURCE.

  • Will the metal nose clip break if I keep bending it?

    Yes, it’s made from metal and once you have formed it to the shape of your nose, try and minimise extreme bending.

  • Why are my glasses steaming up?

    This is a good indication that your mask is not fitted correctly. Ensure that the metal nose clip is formed to the shape of your nose and the mask is positioned comfortably on your face. Not too loose and not too tight.

  • Is the Global Travel Mask / Global Protection Mask suitable for children?

    Yes, but we recommend that children under the age of twelve should be supervised by a responsible adult at all times while the mask is being worn. If the child has any respiratory illnesses or heart conditions we suggest you consult with your doctor before using one of our masks.

  • How does the Global Travel Mask and Global Protection Mask perform?

    >99% Particle filtration (USA N99 standard)

    Tested using the TSI 8130 following 42CFR84 we achieved filtration results above 99% . The GTM and GPM catches particles at 0.3 micron diameter and above.. This level of filtration is much higher than most masks currently available, where 2.5 microns is commonly quoted. So close to ten times better filtration with the GTM and GPM.

  • Global Travel Aid

    The Global Travel Aid (the best First Aid kits available!) are only available for delivery within Europe.

  • Global Travel Glove

    The Global Travel Gloves will be available around September 2016.