Always catch a cold when flying

Always catch a cold when flying - product_photo_510x338_dgrey_gpm_2_

Do you always catch a cold when flying? It's not that abnormal. Airplanes contain loads of bacteries. The arm rest might be dirtier than the toilet seat. You can follow the steps below to avoid to always catch a cold when flying.

-   To clean your table and seat on the airpline you could use an cleaning cloth. 
    Keep in mind to carry them with you every flight!

-   Stay hydrated in the air. Flying will make your skin dry. Take a hydrating creme with you every flight. And don't forget to drink a lot of water!

-   Use the Global Travel Mask. The air you're breathing is being re-circulated through the cabin - we're all breathing one another's air. The Global Travel mask helps to filter the air in the airplane. 

The Global Travel Mask incorporates eight laters of protection. The performance of the GTM is between FFP2 and FFP3 (FFP2 and FFP3 is a European mask Filtration standard) and the most comfortable mask with this performance level available in the market.

If you always catch a cold when flying, you'll be smart to follow the steps above!