Getting ill while travelling

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About getting ill while travelling

My name is John Ribchester.

I travel around the world for work. Although I have a relatively healthy life style, eating organic when I can and exercising on a regular bases, I constantly became ill after travelling on airplanes or for example on the underground in London. This made me think about what was causing that and about a possible solution.

Causes & the solution

With flying quite often I have had lots of conversations with cabin crew, aircraft engineers and pilots. Most aviation companies bring air into the aircraft from an intake point, in the engines. The outside air is warmed by the heat of the engines to a similar temperature to that inside the cabin. If one person on the aircraft is contaminated with a form of influenza or other airborne microorganisms, the risk to the other passengers of becoming contaminated is much higher than in an open “clean air” environment. The idea of developing a mask for travelling was born.

The Global Mask (GM) range provides an effective degree of protection for the wearer against microorganisms and contaminates while providing a high level of wearer comfort.